When you purchase a domain name ( we want you to be aware it can take up to 48 hours from when you change the name servers on a domain name to allow DNS to populate, the name through the world wide web, most of the time it works after 8 hours.

  • 1) What are your name servers ?
  • 2) Can I transfer the domain name away ?
    Yes you can please see terms and conditions are met.
  • 3) Can I use a domain name from a different host ?
    Yes you can just change the name servers above (Q1)

Affiliate scheme

Ever been cheat when joining a affiliate scheme, at Xscape we have never not paid any of our affiliates.
We believe in 100% honesty, that is why we offer an affiliate their own CP which will let then know of
anyone who signs up, and on sign up the money will show in their control panel that they are due to be paid.

We have 2 types of affiliate programs

Business: For every person that you have signing up using your affiliate number you will receive £6 as a reward. Xscape Internet Customers For every person that you have signing up using your affiliate number you will receive £3 as a reward. This means that you can get your friends / family to join and you will receive £3 get enough people and you will have free hosting and we could even end up paying you more money than you have spent hosting with us.


We are offering a cheap way for your company to become know, for £2 a month you can have your site
advertised with Xscape internet, using our scrolling advertising banner which will be available on the site for everyone to see. By advertising online you will be getting value for money as Xscape advertises itself online / mailers / leaflets,
so anyone who advertises with us will be getting great exposure.


Most websites use around 80mb of space, hosting companies know this that is why they offer you products you will
never use like unlimited space, at Xscape we reduce the amount of space and offer other services that will benefit our clients more, most companies charge for this service but we are offering it free with certain packages. Most companies charge around £35 for database but we offer a free database with our developer pack making it ideal
for ecommerce website.