Xscape Professional

Xscapeinternet Professional is a professional hosting package on the web

This package offers:

  • Our head offices are UK based email support and your enquiry will be delt with straight away.
  • 10 Email Addresses
  • 300MB Hosting
  • 1 MySql Database 10mb
  • FTP Access
  • PHP5 / Zend

This package offers a database so you can make a eccommerce web site and start selling online. You have full 24 hour ftp access so you can change your site at anytime with no delays.
Our server supports PHP5 and the latest Zend Framework.

The support on this package is email support only this helps keep down the price so that all users can have a chance online.

All enquiries sent to support@xscapeinternet.co.uk are dealt with straight.

At Xscape we offer a 30 day money back guarrentee if we do not give you the service you deserve you can cancel at any point in this time period.


Xscape Professional

  • +
  • -
  • only £40.00 / year


Xscape Start-Up

  • 4 Emails
  • 20MB Hosting
  • 1 MySql Database 5mb
  • FTP Access
  • PHP5 / Zend

only £24 .00 / year

Xscape Business

  • Unlimited Emails
  • 500MB Hosting
  • 1 MySql Database
  • FTP Access
  • PHP5 / Zend

only £48.00 / year

Xscape Special offer

  • Xscape SSL
  • Secure your site
  • Free Setup
  • payments encrypted
  • No hidden fees

only £50.00 / year

Xscape Start Up
Xscape Business
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